Wisdom is the Principal Thing

Real wisdom comes from GOD!

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Wisdom is the Principal Thing

Real wisdom comes from GOD! This book is a collection of Bible verses from both the Old and New Testament focusing on wisdom. The first of a three part series. A one-of-a-kind. An excellent reference tool. Good for inspirational and devotional reading. Great for all!

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This is no more than someone compiling the verses from a concordance search of the word "wisdom". Save the $3 and just search "wisdom" in a concordance app and there you have the book. Duh!


(Amazon Review)
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Christian Publishing Company LLC

CHRISTIAN PUBLISHING COMPANY, LLC was established in 2012 and specializes in publishing Christian literature around the world. By God’s grace, several publications were brought to life. To date, Christian Publishing Company, LLC is responsible for publishing several inspirational and devotional readings. Wanting to encourage and inspire people around the world, these titles continue to grow by faith. Our titles can be found on most major e-retail outlets such as Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, KOBO, GooglePlay, and Gumroads.
We hope and pray that these publications are an inspiration and encouragement to you as you read.

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Real wisdom comes from GOD!

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