Where My Breath Loves Me

Mindfulness is a tool for everyone in the world.

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Where My Breath Loves Me

Mindfulness is a tool for everyone in the world. With daily practices, we become curious to what is happening right in the moment. Clarity of the moment helps our mind to be calm, gentle, and compassionate. Best of all, recognizing each moment enhances our lives. With mindfulness, young children maximize learning experiences and that enriches their personal discovery.In this book, Where My Breath Loves Me, a mindfulness teacher, Mr. Gentleheart, uniquely invites his students into the world of mindfulness with a simple inquiry, “Where do people feel the love from their breath?” With the help of compassionate adults in her life, April’s curiosity gradually evolves into appreciation of her own breath at the next level throughout daily activities in places such as the choir room, classroom, art room, gym, in nature, the swimming pool, coffee shop, and her own bed. She keeps wondering, however, when she would discover the exact place that she can connect with her breath. April’s beautiful discovery is finally revealed right in front of Mr. Gentleheart.With its sister book, My Breath Loves Me, Where My Breath Loves Me teaches young children how to appreciate each moment of their lives by getting along with a life-long best friend: the breath.

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Where My Breath Loves Me is a very sweet story and a great reminder of how important breathing really is. I think, in today’s hurried times, we all need this reminder to slow down and pay attention to our breath once in a while! I know that when I stop and take a few deep breaths, it relaxes, calms me down, and helps me think or focus better. What a wonderful technique to pass onto children! We should all be more mindful of our breath!

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About the Author

Claire E. Hallinan

Claire E. Hallinan, MAEd, was born in Japan and currently lives with her family in Washington. Claire has a passion for making sense of the world, building relationships, and inspiring people to find happiness in themselves. She is a writer, an entrepreneur, a Mindful Schools Certified Mindfulness Instructor, and a National Board Certified Teacher. Claire’s books include her memoir, Gift of Gratitude: Lessons from the Classroom, and relationship-building book, I Notice: Step-by-Step Guide to Transform Student Potential Through Building Intentional Relationships. Claire also co-authored with her daughter The Championslip: A Young Gymnast’s Guide to Become a Fearless Champion on Her Own Terms. Her first children’s book, My Breath Loves Me, is an award-winning finalist in the Children’s Mind/Body/Spirit category of the 2019 International Book Awards and has been translated in Japanese.

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Mindfulness is a tool for everyone in the world.

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