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Family Trauma, Unknown Origins, and the Secretive History of Artificial Insemination

How a journey of self-discovery unearthed the scandalous evolution of artificial insemination

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Readers’ Favorite Book Awards Honorable Mention in Nonfiction Social Issues
2023 National Indie Excellence Awards Winner
2023 IPPY Gold Medalist in Nonfiction Audiobooks
2022 Best Book Awards Nonfiction Narrative WINNER

How a journey of self-discovery unearthed the scandalous evolution of artificial insemination

By his forties, Peter J. Boni was an accomplished CEO, with a specialty in navigating high-tech companies out of hot water. Just before his fiftieth birthday, Peter’s seventy-five-year-old mother unveiled a bombshell: His deceased father was not his biological father. Peter was conceived in 1945 via an anonymous sperm donor. The emotional upheaval upon learning that he was “misattributed” rekindled traumas long past and fueled his relentless research to find his genealogy. Over two decades, he gained an encyclopedic knowledge of the scientific, legal, and sociological history of reproductive technology as well as its practices, advances, and consequences. Through twenty-first century DNA analysis, Peter finally quenched his thirst for his origin.

In Uprooted, Peter J. Boni intimately shares his personal odyssey and acquired expertise to spotlight the free market methods of gamete distribution that conceives dozens, sometimes hundreds, of unknowing half-siblings from a single donor. This thought-provoking book reveals the inner workings—and secrets—of the multibillion-dollar fertility industry, resulting in a richly detailed account of an ethical aspect of reproductive science that, until now, has not been so thoroughly explored.

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As a genetic counselor and educator working in the field of reproductive medicine and someone who has personally grappled with the decision to donate my own embryos after my IVF journey (which I did in a known way, and has been a beautiful and emotional experience), I must emphasize the significance of "Uprooted" in highlighting the ethical, socio-economic, national, and global issues surrounding donor conception and its history. This book provides an intelligent and profound deep-dive into these matters."Uprooted" prompts us to contemplate the far-reaching consequences of sperm, egg, and embryo donation and a world that is coming to terms with the diverse family forms that science has enabled to happen. Peter J. Boni's exploration of complex emotions and the impact of technology on our lives resonates deeply with me, and echoes what I have seen in my work with clients and in my own decision-making.What sets "Uprooted" apart is its contextualization in history, and Peter's ability to transcend his individual experience, capturing the interconnected lives of those affected by reproductive technology. It sheds light on the intricate web of relationships, beliefs, and identities that shape our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. It is, of course, very difficult to digest all of this while making fertility decisions, but I can attest to the importance of considering these multifaceted aspects when navigating reproductive choices, and of processing these pieces as the family's narrative is shaped through the years.This is not only a thought-provoking and illuminating read for the general audience but also an indispensable resource for professionals and individuals involved in reproductive medicine. Peter J. Boni's exceptional storytelling and meticulous research make for a comprehensive exploration of the human experience in a rapidly evolving and technologically driven society. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the profound complexities surrounding our genetic identities and the reproductive decisions we make.

Gina Davis

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About the Author

Peter J. Boni

Peter J. Boni credits his disruptive childhood, a fine college education from The University of Massachusetts@Amherst, decorated on-the-ground service as a US Army Special Operations Team Leader in Vietnam (coined his “Rice Paddy MBA”), love of his family and friendship circle, plus luck-of-the-draw DNA with making him the person he has become today…an award-winning and best-selling author, senior advisor, acclaimed speaker, fun-loving grandfather, and an advocate for the rights of the donor-conceived.

In his latest book, Uprooted: Family Trauma, Unknown Origins, and the Secretive History of Artificial Insemination (awarded Best Book, Narrative Nonfiction in 2022 by American Book Fest), Peter intimately shares his personal odyssey and acquired expertise (part deeply intimate memoir; part tell-all expose`) on the scientific, legal and sociological history and evolution of the multi-billion-dollar, largely unregulated, assisted reproductive technology industry. He was aghast to learn that it conceives dozens, sometimes hundreds, of unknowing half-siblings from a single gamete donor (sperm, egg, or embryo)—over one million children and adults whose ranks have grown by 50 percent just within the last decade. There are no restrictions of the number of offspring per donor; no requirements for a sibling registry, donor identification, genetic testing, or health history; no mandate for donor or recipient counseling regarding the needs of a donor-conceived child; and no legal penalties for blatant fertility fraud. The breeding of puppies enjoys greater regulatory oversight. (YouTube Link : https://youtu.be/SpWjk3hn7JI)

During his accomplished business career (high-tech CEO, venture capitalist, board chairman, non-profit leader, award-winning entrepreneur), Peter has applied “lessons of leadership through adversity” from his life-altering experiences. He has learned to never underestimate the importance of attracting, retaining, and rewarding well-trained, capable people who can think out of the box, navigate complexity, and work as a team—themes found throughout his first book, All Hands on Deck: Navigating Your Team Through Crises, Getting Your Organization Unstuck, and Emerging Victorious.

An inspiring public speaker with a storytelling, audience-participation style, Peter enjoys an active physical regimen, entertaining and sailing with friends and family while at his Cape Cod residence and traveling with his wife to, among other locales, San Francisco and New York City to visit their growing family.

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How a journey of self-discovery unearthed the scandalous evolution of artificial insemination

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