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Book Two of The Unbreakable Series

Sergeant Kellan O’Ryan.

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Sergeant Kellan O’Ryan.

Soldier. Assassin. Beast.

Working covert ops as ordered. Living a black and white existence.

Until everything shattered into grey and nothing made sense anymore.

An anomaly on the species scale, Kellan’s world was one of cold precision and stoic duty. A world he believed to be his own but when the beautiful Detective Charlotte Alistair stormed into his life, it shook the foundations of all that he was and believed himself to be. Initially wary of her, Kellan soon found himself ensnared in a way he didn’t think was possible. She enthralled him, captivated his every sense, human and animal alike. She revealed pieces of himself he didn’t know existed and a life he had forgotten.

But how? What happened to him?

At first, amnesia seemed to be the only explanation but as he began to

unravel the truth it soon became clear that nothing was as it seemed.

The more he learned, the less he knew.

And with nothing but his gut instinct to guide him, he needed to keep his focus sharp and clear even as his feelings for the beguiling cop began to dominate his every moment. With Charlotte and his alleged best friend, Finn McGregor now crowding his once solitary existence, the danger threatening him came not only from unseen enemies but from within. Because the more he opened his heart, the more he risked.

Would the connection he felt with Charlotte be the strength he needed to survive the upheaval or would it be his weakness?

What readers say about the book🧐

This is the second book in the Unbreakable series, and Kellen's making progress. He finally realizes and accepts there is something wrong with his memories. He is more than an emotionless soldier. The author teases you with fragments...don't jump ahead, enjoy the pain of discovery.There are hot sexy moments between Kellen and the girlfriend he doesn't remember. Kellen's internal beast wants to ravage. Will they...won't they? That's the question. No spoilers. Don't expect a happy-ever-after ending, this is only book two of an ongoing series.A fun read. This is an author you will want to follow.

Stefan Angelina McElvain

(Amazon Review)
About the Author

Zelly Jordan

The love of a good story is the reason Zelly Jordan says she had her nose in a book most of the time growing up. Escaping into a world of great love, great adventures and sexy-smexy fun times with drool-worthy heroes and feisty strong women was the highlight of every day.

A lover of good coffee, cats and a good chat, with the occasional glass of wine, she lives in the most livable city in the world, Melbourne Australia with her almost grown son. Divorced and happily single, Zelly realised the danger she was facing in becoming the crazy cat lady and it was this fear, together with her love of a particular television show that lead her to give writing “a go”. She let the world in on her attempts as she went along and put it out there on the www for the world to see, if they chose.

Surprisingly, they did and this is the result – her debut novel. A perfect example of what can happen if you just try.

When she’s not writing or researching, she likes to spend time having a laugh with friends, watching good movies or shows and delving into the lovely world of Angels, crystals and healing. All with the added magic of music and a good espresso.

Are you ready to read it now?

Sergeant Kellan O’Ryan.

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