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Transplanted Evil

A supernatural suspense novel

Meet Elizabeth Bennington.

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Transplanted Evil

Meet Elizabeth Bennington. A shy young girl raised in privilege with a distant and uncaring father and a doting and overly protective mother outside of Boston in the neighboring town of Charlestown. Yet, despite coming from wealth, Elizabeth was born with a congenital heart condition, leading to bullying at school, hopelessness, and a failed suicide attempt rescued by her parents. She is sent to Bourneville psychiatric hospital, where she undergoes transformative therapy sessions, dramatically improving her outlook on life. She is released after a year. But Elizabeth has a secret: she can see into the future and is haunted by recurring nightmares foreshadowing unspeakable acts of murder involving a mysterious young man with hair the color of a raven splattered with blood. Marty Bowles attends school with Elizabeth and is madly in love with her, almost obsessed with her. Marty’s propensity for violence at school, his depraved lust for killing stray animals, and his involvement with the black arts, including demonic worship, conjuring a demon named Kashgar, and possession, directly threaten her. Could Marty be the mysterious young man in her nightmares who will stop at nothing to gain her love and unite them with his sinister plan?

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About the Author

Len Handeland

Len Handeland’s creativity took him from attending FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in Manhattan to hair. He studied fashion illustration, then, years later, a long and successful 27-year career in the hair industry as a sought-after hair stylist, hair colorist, and salon owner. Len owned a salon in San Francisco’s Union Square for nine years and two salons in the town of Sonoma, Wine Country; for eight years, now fully retired from hair, Len became a full-time writer in the spring of 2021.

Len is a dynamic award-winning writer specializing in fiction, specifically horror, paranormal, and crime drama novels. Len has enjoyed writing as far back as middle school. To further enhance and better his writing, Len has taken many creative writing classes and, in 2017, attended The San Francisco International Writer’s Conference, which inspired him to write his first book, “The Darkest Gift,” based on his love of vampires. He credits the late Anne Rice for being the author that inspired him the most to write his own dark vampire story. His first book earned him 5-star reviews from readers and professional book reviewers. His first novel became a finalist in the American book fest contest in the fall of 2021.

This spring, Len’s novel “The Darkest Gift” was awarded first place in the Bookfest 2022 awards in the category of Fiction/Horror. In addition, Len’s book and author interview were featured in the fall literature issue of “DeMode” magazine, with Len’s book named one of the ten must-read books of 2021. With the completion of Len’s second novel “Requiem for Miriam,” and his third based on his 27 years in the hair industry, “Tales from the Chair,” recently won first place in the “Firebird” book awards, he’s writing his fourth book (“Transplant – The evil that lurks deep within”) to release in the fall of 2022.

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Meet Elizabeth Bennington.

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