Through The Old Trellis Arch

Jennie was a child of the big city, a girl whose life was an apartment in a highrise.

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Through The Old Trellis Arch

Jennie was a child of the big city, a girl whose life was an apartment in a highrise. When her family moved to a small town, her imagination went on a rampage. She had moved next door to what was said to be a haunted house. She became obsessed with the old house and the people that may have lived there. She wanted to know what had happened to them. After being told it was a haunted house, Jennie had to check it out for herself. In doing so, she found that an older man and a little girl had lived there before being abandoned. Jennnie’s obsession led to dreams when she entered through a rickety old fence with an arch overgrown with weeds and vines. Every time she went through the old trellis arch, she had dreams that took her back to 1917 to a little girl named Sylvia living with her grandfather. These dreams continued for a year or more until her family went on a vacation. When she returned, they had leveled the old house, and the dreams came to an end. After that, her life took off in a different direction until attending an annual town event; she finally learned the meaning of her obsession.

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Anyone who grew up in a small town or visited grandparents in a small town will enjoy this book. The author has created characters that come alive as you read it. I highly recommend this book for a fun read.

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About the Author

Marvin D. Vallier

Marvin D. Vallier, born January 25, 1941.

A retired graphic artist from the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

I’ve had a wonderful career of 46 years as a graphic artist, retiring in 2009. After retirement, I took up the brush and painted many landscapes and still life in oil and watercolor. In 2010 I entered a contest for poetry and had my first poem published. I will soon see my ninth poem in print in Iowa Lyrical.

I tried my hand at writing in 2011 with an illustrated short children’s story, “The Christmas Legend Brings.” It’s a little different take on the jolly old elf with illustration on most of the pages.

I self-published an ebook and paperback, print on demand, “Through The Old Trellis Arch”. A story about a little girl named Jennie. Jennie was an eleven year old with a vivid imagination and an obsession with an old run down house next door. Her obsessions became even greater after she had toured the old house. She was told by a friend that it was haunted. Maybe it was haunted but in a completely different way than what you would expect. I think you will enjoy this story and will comment on it.

My third book, “1939 Flame of Fear” takes place towards the end of the great depression. It deals with the struggles that a mother and her son have during this time. A black child is saved and taken into the family, taking on a whole different set of problems. Both of these books are for young adult or older readers.

I will be publishing a fourth book, “Stench”. It is chapter illustrated story about a skunk looking for friends. With many twists and turns through the story until he finally finds the true friends that he was looking for.

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Jennie was a child of the big city, a girl whose life was an apartment in a highrise.

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