This Is Your Last Warning

An Authoritative End of Days Timeline

This is a book that examines purported Marian apparitions and mystic visions

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This Is Your Last Warning

This is a book that examines purported Marian apparitions and mystic visions where the messages discuss future events, scrutinizing them for their reliability. Using guidelines given by the Church in discerning valid from invalid apparitions, the book discusses the reasons some prophecies are invalid. The apparitions and prophecies from mystic visions which are highly reliable are then taken to form a timeline of the events we can expect to see if mankind does not turn back to God. The timeline spans from today, and some of the craziness we see in our world today, through an era of peace, and ultimately to the antichrist and Christ’s return on the last day.

Combining accepted Church teaching and prophecies into a single narrative timeline, this “last warning” of what is to come is the compendium of the previous warnings.

“For those looking for an in-depth understanding of the End Times mystery and its relevance to shaping our contemporary world, this compelling book is a must-read.”
– Aldrin Nacu, Former Seminarian, MA in Systematic Theology, MA in Pastoral Ministry

“Donna has compiled a decisive, progressively convincing, evidence-backed timeline of events which will invariably lead to the fall of mankind and, finally, the end of days… This intensive, academic study is not just for the devout, but a must-read for all scholars of eschatology, in the most uncertain of modern times.”
– Matt McAvoy, Senior Editor, MJV Literary Author Services

What readers say about the book🧐

The book addressed long standing questions, and misunderstandings related to the Catholic Church and the end of days timeline While the book is filled with much detail of the historical events in a systematic manner, Donna writes a very interesting narrative that enhances the critical details provided in the book. The book is a must read for anyone that has an interest on this subject on any level.

George a.

(Amazon Review)
About the Author

Donna Silveira

From the bustling heart of San Diego to the rustic embrace of Texas, Donna Silveira’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. As she stands on the rich Texan soil, Donna beautifully weaves together her roles as a passionate professional, rancher’s partner, and devoted matriarch. A shining luminary of MENSA, she embodies brilliance and versatility. With two decades illuminating the realm of computer science, and backed by a Bachelor’s and twin Master’s degrees in computer science and cybersecurity, Donna’s mark on the tech industry is profound.

Yet, beneath the laurels of her professional accolades lies a soul profoundly touched by faith’s redemptive power. A traumatic encounter in her youth cast a shadow on her relationship with God, igniting a relentless quest for spiritual truth. Venturing through diverse spiritual terrains, from Christianity to myriad non-Christian doctrines, she felt an inexorable pull toward her Catholic heritage. Today, Donna delves deep into her communion with the triune God, drawing inspiration from saints and sacred teachings.

Life in Texas is vibrant and full. As a mother at the helm of a blended family of six, and steward of a thriving ranch teeming with cows, goats, chickens, and more, Donna is intimately connected to the land’s rhythms. And her artistic soul sings, quite literally. Her melodious past, dotted with semi-professional performances and accolades, attests to her musical prowess.

A fervent ambassador for Catholicism and a guiding light as a life coach, Donna’s online sanctuary, MyCatholicChat.com, is a treasure trove of spiritual resources. Her drive? To lead souls towards a deeper communion with faith.

Her magnum opus, “This Is Your Last Warning: An Authoritative End of Days Timeline,” stands as a clarion call in an age of skepticism. Donna fervently believes in the importance of heeding the wisdom of Church-approved apparitions and mystics, especially in our current, tumultuous era. With scholarly acclaim, her book shines a spotlight on these prophecies, becoming a beacon of understanding in uncertain times.

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This is a book that examines purported Marian apparitions and mystic visions

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