The Space Traveller’s Lover

His Mission Was To Wipe Out Humans…Until He Became Obsessed with One.

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The Space Traveller’s Lover

His Mission Was To Wipe Out Humans…Until He Became Obsessed with One.

In “The Space Traveller’s Lover,” every heartbeat is a countdown, every moment a battle between love and duty. But the ultimate question remains—can a single human heart turn the tide of an interstellar war?

Rothwen never shows mercy. An elite and vanguard soldier for a powerful alien race, he swore undying loyalty to the vengeance-fuelled invasion that’s set on wiping out Earth. But when he stumbles upon Erin, a bright and enigmatic human, he does the unthinkable – he brings her into his world…

Rothwen quickly finds himself locked in a profound struggle against everything he’s ever known. Erin is suddenly caught up in a brutal conflict that will decide the fate of humanity while she wrestles with her deep attraction to Rothwen and her loyalty to her own species. Their two worlds are destined to collide, but one wrong step could mean the end of everything Erin holds dear.

Can she outwit the alien’s destructive plans and save Earth from annihilation? Will she find true love with the all-powerful alien soldier who stole her heart?

The Space Traveller’s Lover is an exhilarating sci-fi alien romance that expertly blends high-octane action with pulse-pounding romantic suspense.

Praise for The Space Traveller’s Lover:
“Sci-fi author Omara Williams’ debut novel is a remarkable tour de force.” – The Scotsman, The Yorkshire Post, The Edinburgh News, The Star.

A stirring literary debut that will win your heart.” – Reader’s Digest UK

“A groundbreaking work of science fiction…The Space Traveller’s Lover perfectly straddles the line between classic science fiction and action-packed young adult adventure; Omara Williams will astound you with the world she’s created.” – Book Excellence

“Williams integrates some fresh world-building and thought-provoking ideas. She is a capable and imaginative storyteller” – The BookLife Prize
“The Space Traveller’s Lover, by Omara Williams, dazzles with its wonderful world-building, creating an immersive and vivid universe.” – Literary Titan Book Review

What readers say about the book🧐

Omara Williams' debut novel, "The Space Traveller’s Lover," is a remarkable fusion of science fiction and romance, delivering an exhilarating and emotionally charged reading experience. Set in a vividly imagined future, the book stands out for its well-crafted blend of high-octane action, romantic suspense, and thought-provoking themes. The story centers around Erin, a strong and relatable protagonist, who finds herself entangled in a complex relationship with Rothwen, an alien soldier. Their love story, set against the backdrop of an Earth invasion, offers a fresh perspective on classic sci-fi themes, addressing timely issues like climate change and the human condition. What sets this novel apart is its ability to balance intense emotional drama with a compelling sci-fi narrative. Williams’ skillful world-building and imaginative storytelling keep the pages turning, while her attention to character development ensures a deeply engaging and heartwarming journey. Fans of titles like "The Words Within Realms" and "Dragon Warrior: Dancing with Death" will find "The Space Traveller’s Lover" especially captivating. Its exploration of love, humanity, and survival is both profound and entertaining.


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About the Author

Omara Williams

Omara Williams is an acclaimed writer of science-fiction romance whose debut novel ‘The Space Traveller’s Lover‘ is a 2023 Global Book, BookFest and Outstanding Creator Awards winner.

Since a very young age, Author Omara Williams has had a passion for science and technology, reading and writing.

She would spend hours each day imagining characters and situations and then write for hours. She would find inspiration in everything around her when writing stories, even the shapes of clouds or constellations in the night sky.

At 17, she completed their first handwritten book, a collection of children’s stories that her friends and family enjoyed. However, she had many other interests and hobbies, so she did not see writing as something she should pursue and instead viewed it as a pastime. She focused her efforts on her university degree, her passion for software programming, and her astronomy projects. Writing became something she did occasionally and nothing more. Years after that first book, she wondered, “What If..?” so she started to get back into writing while working full-time.

Omara Williams holds a BSc Honours degree in Nuclear Engineering from Havana University and several Information Technology diplomas from Leeds University, and she is currently a multi-award-winning software manager and science-fiction author.

When she is not working, she enjoys watching the night sky, investigating ancient alien theories, and chasing total solar eclipses.

Omara lives with her husband and daughter in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

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His Mission Was To Wipe Out Humans…Until He Became Obsessed with One.

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