The Magic and Mystery of Dreams

The Ultimate Handbook on Interpreting Your Day and Night Dreams and the Symbols in Your Life

Our earth life is composed of symbols. Designer, Buckminster Fuller stated, The Universe is speaking to us all the time.

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The Magic and Mystery of Dreams

Our earth life is composed of symbols. Designer, Buckminster Fuller stated, The Universe is speaking to us all the time. We must learn to listen. Yet, most people don’t listen or pay attention, still the messages keep coming.Fuller was aware that life is made up of symbols that exemplify where we, as individuals, are in our evolution. By observing life, you will note how you are progressing in your personal journey. Is your life displaying joy or fear, conflict or harmony? Are there messes that need to be cleaned up, conflicts that need resolution? Your life reflects your thinking, beliefs, and progression. By paying attention, you can make changes and direct your experience in ways that enrich you.As you learn the language of symbols, you will understand your purpose, the people in your life, various circumstances, and even holy scriptures and parables. The exercises in this book will help you understand your place in your family (whether personal or career). Symbols are the language of the soul and will lead you to deep soul awareness. Piercing through veils of unknowing to reach a sense of knowing is spiritual gold.

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I really enjoyed reading Jean Walters' new book entitled "The Magic & Mystery of Dreams." If you have ever wondered about your dreams, what they mean, and how the symbols relate to your waking life, then this is the book for you. Jean takes us through the process of dreams, explains the symbols (including an extensive dictionary of dream symbols), and then provides a step-by-step system for interpreting your dreams. This is one book that you will want to keep ready on your nightstand for when you wake up from a crazy dream wondering what that was all about. But it doesn't stop there!!! Jean then explains how these same symbols are present in our waking lives and also in spiritual books like the Bible and Bhagavad Gita. If you are wondering about your dreams, then this is the book that you have dreamed of!!! Highly recommended for anyone wanting to know more about themselves and spirituality.

Chris Morris

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About the Author

Jean Walters

Jean Walters is a Saint Louis based teacher of self-empowerment principles for over thirty years. She has studied metaphysics extensively and applies universal principles to every area of her life. Walters has written weekly and monthly columns for major Saint Louis newspapers and publications and been published all over the United States. Her books include: Set Yourself Free: Live the life YOU were meant to Live, Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible; Dreams & the Symbology of Life; Look Ma, I’m Flying.

Walters has designed and presented classes and workshops in empowerment, meditation, universal laws, dream interpretation, and strengthening intuition for organizations, colleges, universities, spiritual groups, and businesses around the Midwest.

Presented: “Best Psychic in Saint Louis” Award for 8 years.

From her Saint Louis office, she works with people around the world as a Transformational Coach and Akashic Record reader. She has given over 35,000 readings with the emphasis on providing insight regarding personal growth, life purpose, strengthening relationships, and moving through obstacles.

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Our earth life is composed of symbols. Designer, Buckminster Fuller stated, The Universe is speaking to us all the time.

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