The Lies That Bind Us

Book 7 in the John Keegan Mystery Series

The Seventh in the John Keegan Mystery Series:

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The Lies That Bind Us

The Seventh in the John Keegan Mystery Series: The first with a dual narrative including his wife, NYPD undercover officer Pauline McCrory Keegan.
“The Lies That Bind Us,” the seventh book in The John Keegan Mystery Series, plunges readers into political intrigue, personal betrayal, and a complex murder investigation in the heart of New York City. Detective John Keegan faces his most challenging case yet, blending intense action with deep psychological drama.

The murder of Mayor LeBlanc sets the stage for a complicated investigation. Keegan, operating head of homicide but still working cases, is thrown into a world where political motives intertwine with the quest for justice. The case becomes personal as it not only challenges Keegan’s deductive skills but also his relationship with his wife and budding undercover officer, Pauline.

The Lies That Bind Us marks a first for the series, using a dual narrative with Keegan’s wife. Pauline Keegan, battling her own inner conflicts, provides a compelling contrast to John’s perspective. Her insights into their personal lives and her undercover work add a rich layer to the narrative, enhancing the emotional resonance of the story. Having suffered an emotional setback not long before, she launches headstrong into an ancillary investigation of LeBlanc, attempting not to lose herself and the life she’s created in her undercover world.

As the investigation unfolds, Keegan and his team delve into a controversial affordable housing initiative as well as some apparently shady dealings with street criminals. The investigation also uncovers some conflicting information regarding a relative of LeBlanc, one who could have involvement in his murder. When the Acting Mayor, Noreen McHale, ends the housing project as one of her first acts, citing rampant corruption, Keegan and the team being to think the project led to the mayor’s demise.

The Lies That Bind Us intertwines the personal struggles of its characters with the intricacies of the investigation. It attempts to reveal how police work can undo the bonds of personal relationships and the balance police officers must seek to keep them together.

A key element focuses on the lies people tell to each other, the ones meant to sustain relationships in the face of external pressures and the hard facts of homicide investigation, that people kill those closest to them. When a detective knows the moves and motivations of their spouse, how can they exist in a normal relationship, one that, by default, uses the currency of lies?

The Lies That Bind Us is a must-read for fans of mystery and suspense. It’s a novel that not only provides a gripping police procedural but also dives deep into the characters’ personal lives, exploring themes of loyalty, trust, and the cost of uncovering the truth.

Discover the twists and turns in this latest installment of the acclaimed series, where every revelation brings new questions, and the truth is often more complex than it appears. Detective John Keegan’s journey through the murky waters of crime and politics in New York City is a thrilling adventure that readers won’t be able to put down.

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About the Author

John Misak

Mysteries always interested me, but I never thought I could write them. I tried several different genres (all with terrible results) hoping to find something that worked for me. Then, on a whim, I took a chance and wrote a murder mystery. Soft Case represents that first attempt, and it was published, much to my surprise. It’s been a great ride since then, and I hope to keep writing.

My desire is to entertain. There are great mysteries out there by fantastic writers, but I found that sometimes, the genre can feel dreary. I think that a little humor and some slice-of-life situations can really help keep readers involved, so I incorporate them when I can. Sometimes I use personal experience, but most of it comes out of my head. That scares people close to me. They may have a reason.

Though I write other series and under different names, the John Keegan character remains my favorite. We’ve grown together and I enjoy writing from his perspective. I hope to keep his stories coming.

I write for the love of it and hope that comes through in the work. I always welcome reader feedback, and you can find my contact info at the back of my books, or by visiting johnmisak.com. Feel free to drop me a line.

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The Seventh in the John Keegan Mystery Series:

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