The Heart Beneath the Badge

When Sheriff Heath Royal seeks relief for his tormented conscience by

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The Heart Beneath the Badge

When Sheriff Heath Royal seeks relief for his tormented conscience by attending church services for the first time since his youth, he is beckoned to an empty seat by the wealthy, recently widowed Rebekka Korhenen Brando, and both are immediately, although unwittingly, stirred by an unintentional rekindling of the feelings that almost led to a marriage between them twenty-five years earlier.

Gossipy church members and malicious tongue waggers from the small community of Shady Spring, Texas, watch in amusement and sometimes in horror as the former lovers struggle through a series of challenges and near-death experiences to determine whether the forces of evil or the roundabout intervention of God Himself will allow them a life together.

Standing in their way are a demented ranch foreman convinced that he and Rebekka are destined for each other, Heath’s dubious future as a lawman, and grudge-bearing outlaws who want to put the sheriff into his grave. The solutions may be divined under the sheltering limbs of a magnificent old oak tree where Heath and Rebekka seek solace and open their hearts to each other.

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As usual, the author is beyond predictable. I did not expect to develop sympathy for the major "villain." Or that the romance would be between a middle-aged couple re-experiencing the passion of their youth. Or that the strongest character would be an intimidated orphan who becomes a wealthy widow respected and, when need be, forceful. Of course, as a western, there is constant danger and threats to the life the main characters Heath Royal and Rebekka Brando, want to build for themselves. They pray that God will give them a second chance at a love that will be providential, not accidental. But to find happiness and peace of mind will require extraordinary forgiveness and redemption. The Heart Beneath the Badge is both compelling and fascinating. I think this is George Arnold's best book yet. Kay


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About the Author

George T. Arnold

An international award-winning author, George T. Arnold, Ph.D., is a professor emeritus in the W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Marshall University. His books available on Amazon include a textbook/resource book for students and professional writers, Media Writer’s Handbook, a Guide to Common Writing and Editing Problems, in its seventh edition and third decade of continuous publication; a short story, One Minute Past Christmas; one collection of articles, Serendipitous Hodgepodge & the Kitchen Sink; and two novels, Wyandotte Bound and Old Mrs. Kimble’s Mansion, both published by Speaking Volumes under traditional contracts.


He worked full-time as a newspaper news and sports reporter to finance bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Marshall, and he has a doctorate in mass communications/journalism from Ohio University. Dr. Arnold taught journalism at Marshall for 36 years.

His textbook has been purchased at more than 300 colleges and universities in the United States and abroad and has sold more than 40,000 copies. Its first edition was published in 1995 by Brown & Benchmark and editions two through six were published by McGraw-Hill. Because the sixth edition price had risen to $86.50, Dr. Arnold requested and received his full publication rights back from McGraw-Hill and self-published the seventh edition on Amazon, reducing the print book price 75% to $22. An Ebook is available for $9.99.

Teachers may obtain a workbook for students and an instructor’s manual free by email upon request. These publications may be used to supplement writing and editing classes or to provide a complete language skills course. (Email requests to gtarnold@comporium.net).

The workbook contains 30 class lessons and 64 exercises. The manual has 30 quizzes — one for each of the 30 class lessons — and answers and explanations for each of the 64 exercises. in addition, the 30 lessons are divided into three 100-point tests and are combined in a 300-point comprehensive final examination. Half of each of the three tests and all of the final examination can be graded by computer. “Test Yourself’ questions and answers for applicable chapters are placed at the end of the textbook.

In 2022, his textbook received the Gold Medal first-place award in the non-fiction/education division of the Readers’ Favorite 2021 Book Awards competition. also in 2022, his novel, Wyandotte Bound, received a first-place selection in the Laramie Awards division of the Chanticleer 2021 International Book Awards competition.

A native West Virginian, Dr. Arnold lives in South Carolina and may be contacted at gtarnold@comporium.net. and visit the website https://drgeorgetarnold.com/

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When Sheriff Heath Royal seeks relief for his tormented conscience by

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