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Power and Betrayal in Hartford's Mob Scene

Geno DiBacco led the notorious Gabardine Gang


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THE GABARDINE GANG: Power and Betrayal in Hartford’s Mob Scene by Kevin B. DiBacco is a riveting tale of crime, family, and redemption in the gritty underworld of the 1950s and 1960s Hartford, Connecticut.

Geno DiBacco led the notorious Gabardine Gang, a small-time mob that ruled the city. Geno’s son, Kevin, takes you on a visceral journey through his childhood and adolescence, revealing the gang’s illegal activities, his father’s dramatic descent, and the harsh realities of organized crime, offering a unique perspective on a world often glamorized in Hollywood.

This book offers a profound look at the DiBacco family’s struggles amid racial tensions and the personal costs of a life entwined with crime. Geno’s battle with gambling addiction and the impact of his choices on his family paint a vivid picture of a man and a community at a crossroads.

THE GABARDINE GANG explores the intricate dynamics of family, resilience, and personal redemption. Kevin’s authentic storytelling immerses readers in a world where every twist and turn resonates with genuine emotion.

Don’t miss your chance to experience this raw and unfiltered exploration of a bygone era.

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This book is written with sincerity and a very fascinating reflection and history that most don’t experience. As these were the good old days, there were so many lifestyles kept behind closed doors, and so many family secrets! I feel this is a very interesting and enlightening read to see how some Italian families may have lived, back in the good ole days.

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About the Author

Kevin B DiBacco

Kevin DiBacco is an author who writes from the heart, drawing inspiration from his own life experiences. Every book he pens is a testament to the challenges he has faced and the lessons he has learned along the way. By the age of 23, Kevin had already undergone six knee operations and back surgery, a testament to his resilience in the face of adversity. During his service as an Air Force Marksman, a devastating injury led him to pursue his passion for filmmaking.

As a Disabled Veteran, Kevin encountered fresh hurdles, but he pressed on, determined to produce and direct. Despite a second back surgery delaying his first film and brain surgery in 2011 threatening his dream, Kevin’s spirit remained unyielding. He channeled his experiences into his writing, creating works that are both personal and relatable.

With over 500 productions, 600 TV commercials, 20 music videos, and 5 globally released feature films in his 38-year film career, Kevin is eager to share his knowledge and insights with others. He has published literary works including “Artists Sales Kit,” “HYSOMETRICS,” “Indie Filmmaking in the Real World,” “The Gabardine Gang,” and “The Life Book Field Manual,” with more on the way.

Kevin’s achievements as a Director/Author demonstrate remarkable skill and dedication. Despite the setbacks he has faced, he never gives up. His books are a reflection of his unwavering spirit and his commitment to sharing his experiences with others. Whether he is writing about his personal struggles or offering advice to aspiring filmmakers and artists, Kevin’s words are infused with the wisdom and insight that can only come from someone who has lived through it all.

For more on Kevin DiBacco and his inspiring journey, visit kevindibacco dot .com. His books are published by Urban Viking Books, UK,Viking House, Chelsea House Press, Wildblue Press, Staten House And Pharos Books Intl.

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Geno DiBacco led the notorious Gabardine Gang

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