The Earl, Her Reluctant Guardian

Over her shoulder, Vanessa viewed The Academy for Young Ladies

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The Earl, Her Reluctant Guardian

Over her shoulder, Vanessa viewed The Academy for Young Ladies fading in the distance behind the carriage. Turning forward with a sigh of relief, she relaxed. She could hardly wait to catch her first glimpse of Hill House again.

Upon her arrival, she never expected to have her guardian residing in her home. If she considered him at all, she imagined him in the background, guarding her interest from afar as he had in the past. Nor did she expect to find her aunt by marriage apparently in charge of the household. Adding to her dismay, her aunt’s relatives were dwelling in Hill House as well.

Most disturbing of all, Vanessa found signs of a ghost dwelling in the house too, filling her with unease and dread.

If her aunt’s relatives and the ghost weren’t disturbing enough, Vanessa’s handsome guardian played havoc with her senses, awakening something deep within her.

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Vanessa is heading home upon hearing about the death of her uncle. She thinks she is going to a nice, quiet place and will be on her own but boy is she in for a surprise. Upon her arrival not only does she encounter her guardian but her aunt by marriage and her relatives as well are all residing on the premises. There also seems to be a ghost haunting the home which makes her uneasy. Her guardian, Jacob Southall, Earl of Danville, doesn't want to be bothered with having to take care of her and tries to marry her off. There are those that would like to get rid of Jacob whether their whether their reasons be personal or business to get to Vanessa and her wealth. What Jacob doesn't expect is to fall in love with her himself. Will these two end up becoming man and wife? This book had many twists and turns that kept me turning the pages. I have read a couple of other books by this author and also enjoyed them. The way she describes the characters and how she has them speak seems to keep with the time period she is writing about. The paranormal aspect of this book kind of threw me for a loop but it was a pleasant part of the story. Of the few books I have read by this author this is by far my favorite so far. If Historical Romance with a touch of paranormal interest you then look no further. The author did an amazing job breathing life into these characters and I look forward to discovering more of her work.

Charlisa Wahtomy-Alba

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About the Author

Wareeze Woodson

I write historical romance fiction novels set in the 1800s forward with a twist of suspense. All of my characters and stories that are portrayed in my books are fictitious. I am a native of Texas, but I have traveled through out America and beyond. As a dreamer, I love to visit new places where I can imagine a heroine meeting a hero in a special way. I’m an avid reader of (all sorts) and I love to write.

I married my high school sweat-heart and after having raised three sons plus one daughter, our love for each other remains unshaken. Now we enjoy our eight grandchildren. We can send them home, but we’re always happy for their return.

Outside of my family activities, I sing with the Silver Belles at my church and hate to miss even one practice. The local chapter of RWA is also at the top of my list of pleasures. It keeps me grounded with craft and connected with other writers.

Most of all, I enjoy going fishing with my husband. Give me a pole and leave me alone to bask in the sun, listening to water gurgle along the riverbanks while allowing my mind to float away to some distance place. Ah! Perfect.

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Over her shoulder, Vanessa viewed The Academy for Young Ladies

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