Tatae's Promise

Based on the true story of a young woman’s escape from Auschwitz

Hinda was eighteen years old when an axe crashed through the front door of her home in Poland.

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Tatae's Promise

Hinda was eighteen years old when an axe crashed through the front door of her home in Poland. Nazi soldiers swarmed inside and herded the family into an army truck and hauled them away for one lone reason: They were Jews. World War II and the Hitler-induced Holocaust was in full swing.

“Hinda Mondlak’s story is nothing short of extraordinary. To survive the selections in Auschwitz, followed by more than two years of brutal incarceration in this infamous factory of death, and then to be one of the very few brave souls to successfully escape the heavily guarded compound, is a testament to the truly remarkable spirt of Hinda Mondlak. Inspired by her father’s promise and last words to her just before his execution—’You will live; you will tell’—this riveting adaptation urgently demands only one thing from us: we must listen! In doing so, we engage in a sacred duty and pay tribute to the millions of martyred souls whose lives were so tragically cut short during Nazi Germany’s long and dark Kingdom of Night.”
─Eli Rubenstein, religious leader, Congregation Habonim Toronto
National director, March of the Living Canada; director, International March of the Living
Appointed to the “Order of Canada” by the Governor General of Canada

“This moving and suspenseful book tells the story of Hinda Mondlak, who escaped from Auschwitz with her sister. Based on hours of her taped testimony, it describes in rich detail every phase of the persecutions she endured—Nazi occupation, the village ghetto, the death journey to Auschwitz, beatings, illness, starvation, escape, and then a harrowing flight from Russian troops. Saved occasionally through the unexpected kindness of others and always by her own courage, Hinda is vividly alive in this reweaving of her memories. A memorable story of resilience and enduring love.”
─Betty Sue Flowers, PhD
Professor Emeritus UT-Austin, former director, Johnson Presidential Library
Editor, Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth

“As a student of the Holocaust and one who interviewed Holocaust survivors for Steven Spielberg’s Survivors of the Shoah History Foundation, I thought I had heard it all. Now, I know I was wrong. This is not your ordinary Holocaust story. Do yourself a favor. Find out for yourself.”
─Mike O’Krent
Founder and CEO, LifeStories Alive
Holocaust survivors interviewer for Steven Spielberg’s Survivors of the Shoah History Foundation

What readers say about the book🧐

This book should come with a warning label: Warning: Be prepared to be fully engaged and do not plan to get anything else done while you are reading this.I have read several other accounts of the Holocaust and I must say that this is the most engaging, well written and impeccably researched one yet. The characters truly come alive and wind themselves around your heart. You will happy cry as well as sad cry. Hinda is an amazing spirit who will capture your heart and make you wish you would have had the privilege of knowing her. The author’s ability to bring you in and make you feel like part of this family is uncanny. I wish I could give it a ten star review!

Carla M

(Amazon Review)
About the Author

Sherry Maysonave

An accomplished author and motivational speaker, Sherry Maysonave has been interviewed by over 200 TV, Radio, and print publications across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. This includes multiple appearances on NBC’s Today, ABC, CBS, Fox, and NPR radio. Sherry has been featured in USA Today, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, New Yorker, InStyle, and BusinessWeek.

Passionate about helping others achieve success, Sherry is the founder and president of Empowerment Enterprises and Empowerment Productions. Her clients include business professionals as well as nationally known political figures and entertainers. Her corporate clients are wide-ranging, including US and international companies in technology, finance, fashion, law, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and professional-services companies.

Sherry’s first book, Casual Power, quickly became an Amazon category best-seller in non-fiction. She is the author and producer of the DVD series, Brand a Positive Business Image.

After retiring from the corporate circuit, Sherry felt a clarion call to express her creativity and write outside the nonfiction genre. Her first children’s book, an Apple i-book, —EggMania: Where’s the Egg in Exactly?— won five awards. Sherry’s debut novel, The Girl Who Could Read Hearts, has garnered fifteen awards, including Gold Medal in the 2017 Readers’ Favorite International Awards.

Sherry’s historical-fiction novel, “Tatae’s Promise: You Will Live. . . You Will Tell,” co-authored with Moises J. Goldman, will be published in September 2023. It is based upon a true, never-before-told story of a young Jewish woman and her daring escape from Auschwitz.

Sherry has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from East Texas State University, now known as Texas A&M University—Commerce. She has studied psychology at the graduate level, and she has multiple credentials in image, communication, and personal development.

Sherry and her husband, Stephen, live on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. They both enjoy spending time with their seven grandchildren, traveling, and participating in angel investments that support social-impact companies.

For more information, go to sherrymaysonave.com

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Hinda was eighteen years old when an axe crashed through the front door of her home in Poland.

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