Suppose We

(The Flying Crooked series Book 1)

When a ship crash-lands on a faraway planet the crew needs local help.

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Suppose We

When a ship crash-lands on a faraway planet the crew needs local help. Unfortunately, the natives are a million years ahead of us. Ignored, the crew has to find a way to get attention.

Bringing back a sense of discovery and wonder to science fiction.

“I’ve always found Geoff’s work both inspirational and brilliant. I know that whenever I pick up one of his works I’m in for a damned good read. For those who’ve never read any of his works before, welcome to the Geoff Nelder club.”
—Mark Iles, author of THE DARKENING STARS series.

Jon Courtenay Grimwood: FELAHEEN, PASHAZADE AND END OF THE WORLD BLUES – “Geoff Nelder inhabits science fiction just as other people inhabit their clothes.”

If you liked Tuf Voyaging by George R.R. Martin, and Anne MccAffrey’s Dinosaur Planet you’ll like SUPPOSE WE.

What readers say about the book🧐

Just as the Cabbage White’s flight is unpredictable, so the quirky beginnings of Suppose We in Geoff’s newest release. I’m looking forward to the continuation of the crooked flights of the series that we suppose we CAN. (As in CANDID)

Martin Lamberti

(Amazon Review)
About the Author

Geoff Nelder

Geoff Nelder has one wife, two grown-up kids, and lives in rural England within easy cycle ride of the Welsh mountains.

Publications: One humorous thriller Escaping Reality in 2005

One award-winning science fiction, Exit, Pursued by a Bee in 2008

Another thriller, Hot Air, is published in 2009 after receiving an award from an Arts Academy in the Netherlands.

A science fiction trilogy, ARIA – starting with Left Luggage with an original premise is published in 2012 by LL-Publications.

Xaghra’s Revenge, a historical fantasy set in the Maltese islands was published by Solstice Publishing in 2017

Having had around 90 short stories published, Geoff was chosen to be the short fiction judge for the Whittaker Prize, 2009.

He is the judge of the FicFun story competition 2018

Geoff was a co-editor of science fiction magazine, Escape Velocity, and is a freelance editor.

Geoff’s website: geoffnelder.com

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When a ship crash-lands on a faraway planet the crew needs local help.

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