A Golf Tale

A young boy is in love with the game of golf, but he doesn’t understand why.

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“A storyline to satisfy our wistful golfing souls.” Tom Coyne, bestselling author ofA Course Called America. 

“Readers will come away from reading the book, never looking at golf, or life in general, the same way again.” — Windy City Reviews 

A young boy is in love with the game of golf, but he doesn’t understand why. He has a natural talent and an enviable swing but playing the game well is not enough. There’s something missing. When Jimmy, the homeless man who spends his days cheering on golfers from his usual sitting spot just off the 5th green at Old Elm Municipal Golf course goes missing, the young boy becomes curious. His quest uncovers Jimmy’s mysterious link to the Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland and reveals a life in golf that not only fascinates but sends the boy on a personal journey to discover the magic of an ancient game and its deeper meaning for a young man doing his best to find his path in the world.

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I've read all of David's books and this may be his very best. I couldn't put it down. Full disclosure: I'm a golfer and he describes the game's subtleties in a way duffers will appreciate. He also takes you to the famed St. Andrew's in Scotland in a way that actually feels like you've played the course (I haven't). But his characters go far beyond the game itself and weave a mysterious, compelling, emotional story that's relatable to anyone with a heart and a desire to find themselves.

Charles Cassidy

(Amazon Review)
About the Author

David W. Berner

David W. Berner is the best-selling author of WALKS WITH SAM and the award-winning author of THE ISLANDER (A finalist fo for the Hawthorne Prize), A WELL-RESPECTED MAN, OCTOBER SONG, ACCIDENTAL LESSONS, ANY ROAD WILL TAKE YOU THERE, THERE’S A HAMSTER IN THE DASHBOARD, NIGHT RADIO, and the memoir THE CONSEQUENCE OF STARS. He has been honored and has won awards from the prestigious Society of Midland Authors, the Chicago Writers Association, Literary Titan Gold Award, and the Eric Hoffer Book Award. David has also been the Writer-in-Residence at both the Jack Kerouac Project in Orlando, FL and at the Ernest Hemingway Birthplace Home in Oak Park, IL.

David moved from Pittsburgh to Chicago to work as a radio reporter and news anchor for CBS Radio and later pursued a career as a writer and educator. His first book ACCIDENTAL LESSONS is about his year teaching in one of the Chicago area’s most troubled school districts. The book won the Golden Dragonfly Grand Prize for Literature and has been called a “beautiful, elegantly written book” by award-winning author Thomas E. Kennedy, and “a terrific memoir” by Rick Kogan (Chicago Tribune and WGN Radio). ANY ROAD WILL TAKE YOU THERE—a 2013 Book of the Year from the Chicago Writers Association—is the author’s story of a cross-country road trip with his sons and the revelations of fatherhood. The memoir has been called “heartwarming and heartbreaking” and “a five-star wonderful read.” His novel, A WELL-RESPECTED MAN was a 2019 honoree in the fiction category of The Society of Midland Authors Awards.

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A young boy is in love with the game of golf, but he doesn’t understand why.

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