Of The Heart

Solstice Series, #1

A maligned and shamed teenager transforms into our planet’s only hope of salvation.


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Of The Heart

A maligned and shamed teenager transforms into our planet’s only hope of salvation.

Blenkush pens an engaging story of sorrow, courage, and learning how to love by overcoming fear in the Solstice Series.  The first-person narrative features a young woman (Julissa) who is desperately trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life after the death of her boyfriend and the disappearance of her father within a year’s time. Amid hardship, Blenkush tightly weaves Julissa and Aaron’s slow-building relation within an engaging plot. Replete with a well-developed quasi-dystopian cast, Blenkush manages to throw in light-hearted moments.  Of course of key interest—aside from Julissa and Aaron’s budding romance, Blenkush spends a great deal of time incorporating within his plot historical information about the mysticism behind Mt. Shasta, the lost city of Telos, Mu (the cradle of mankind), and the Lemurians’ connection with another lost city: Atlantis. Blenkush keeps his story constantly flowing by combining all of the above-mentioned literary elements, as well as including un-hackneyed scenarios and cliff-hanging chapter endings. A five-book epic tale, the Solstice Series offers fantasy romance aficionados a unique and unforgettable storyline.

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Atlantis. Secret Societies. Lemurians. If you find yourself intrigued by any of these, then Solstice of the Heart might just be your cup of tea.Julissa is your average teen, except that during one year she suffers the loss of her boyfriend, her father and her uncle, after which he mother uproots her to move to California. Not the beaches though, where a teenager might love to hang out, but the mysterious Mount Shasta.Located in northern California, Mount Shasta is the home of a legend centered on a hidden city of advanced beings from the lost continent of Lemuria. Whether Lemurians actually exist, they do amidst the pages of the Solstice series and author John Blenkush crafts the legend so skillfully, I actually spent an evening researching the mysterious Mount Shasta and it's legendary people.Julissa does no such research. She has access to the real thing, a young man named Aaron Delmon, whose unique abilities soon have her wondering just what sort of people the Delmon's are and if she should be wary of them. I was reminded of the Twilight series in that respect, but only in that way, as Blenkush's tale is as unique and intriguing as the myths he explores throughout his narrative.There's action, suspense, romance and a lovely splash across the metaphysical pond where readers explore such profound questions as the true cost of peace and why insects only hop in certain directions.Unexpected and exhilarating, Solstice of the Heart is a symphony of subtle nuances, harmonious prominences, comprehensibility and resounding ambiguities that set the stage for a consummate fantasy read.

C. Morgan

(Amazon Review)
About the Author

John J Blenkush

John J Blenkush, is the author of the critically acclaimed thrillers, REDDITION and STACY’S STORY, (Kirkus Reviews), SANDMAN OF CAYE CAULKER, THE DOTHORIAN DOOR and the epic SOLSTICE SERIES. Besides writing, he loves the great outdoors, running marathons, and recreational mountain climbing. He lives with his wife, Nancy, in Northern California.

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A maligned and shamed teenager transforms into our planet’s only hope of salvation.

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