No Room for Heroes

A novel of the French Resistance 1942-44

French Resistance

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No Room for Heroes

French Resistance
No Room for Heroes, is a historical novel with the French Resistance and World War II as background. It follows the lives of twenty-eight-year-old identical female twins from the Vercors Plateau, as they outwit first the Italians who occupied the region, then the Germans. Complications arise as one becomes romantically involved with a radio and explosives expert flown in from England, and the other with the local catholic priest who doubles as a resistance fighter. After serious acts of sabotage, destruction of railways and weapons depots, there follows dramatic captures and escapes together with harsh retaliation by the Gestapo. The climax of the book describes the largest direct confrontation during the war between resistance groups and the German army, the dramatic Battle of the Vercors.

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About the Author

Michael Barrington

Michael Barrington was born in Manchester, England and spent his teenage years at a boarding school in the Lake District. After living in France, he joined a French Order of Missionary priests, and spent ten years in West Africa, several of them during a civil war when he was stood up to be shot. On his return to the UK, he spent a year living as a hermit in Northern Ireland. After teaching in Madrid, Spain for a year he spent for four years in Puerto Rico directing an international student program for Latin America. He now lives near San Francisco and is a full time writer.

His first work “The Bishop Wears No Drawers” (2016) is a memoir of his time spent in Africa, during a civil war. “Let the Peacock Sing” (2020) is an historical novel set against the backdrop of the French Resistance during World War II. His novel “Becoming Anya” is the coming of age of a woman caught between two worlds and two cultures. “The Ethiopian Affair” is an international spy story; is there or is there not a plot to abduct the US ambassador to Ethiopia? His most recent book (Jan 2021) The Baron of Bengal Street, a historical novel centered in Manchester, England at the turn of the 20th. century and the personality of his Irish grandfather.

Michael is married to a beautiful French lady, Annie Jacquemet, a professional painter who designs the covers of his books.


Michael is an experienced public speaker with thirty years of experience. He is available for large and small groups via Zoom and blogs on his website: www.mbwriter.net

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French Resistance

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