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My Experiences in Medicine, Theology, and Along the Way

In this fascinating book, Rev. Dr. Douglas E. Busby

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My Experiences in Medicine, Theology, and Along the Way

In this fascinating book, Rev. Dr. Douglas E. Busby describes remarkable experiences that he had in his careers in medicine, theology, and along the way. These experiences began as a pioneer in space clinical medicine and ended as an explorer of spiritual healing. Meanwhile, he held many clinical, research, administrative, and teaching positions in aerospace and occupational medicine, and then became an interim minister and academic theologian. Dr. Busby believes that as spiritual beings, we are on Earth to have a learning experience to help us along on our paths to God. Perhaps this book will be in some ways a learning experience for its readers as it has been for him.

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What a strange and wonderful ride this was through the life of a remarkable man. I felt as if I were traveling with Forrest Gump (but with a giant brain) who'd been present at so many key events in modern history, from medicine to the space race to the South American mystic, John of God. Rev. Dr. Busby's intellectual curiosity sent him out of this world and into another. Of crumbling memory myself, I wondered how he could remember so much detail in his storied life. But he doesn't dash ahead into baffling intellectual territory. Rather, he's a kind and humble partner in revealing his story. I hope he reaches all the souls he wants to help. Remarkable life.

M. Rose Jonas

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About the Author

Douglas E. Busby

A native of Canada, Rev. Dr. Douglas E. Busby originally chose medicine over theology for his career. He received his M.D. (cum laude) and M.Sc. (in biophysics) from the University of Western Ontario, and moved to the United States to join its space program. He became an information analyst at the Lovelace Foundation, writing on medical problems from space operations, and a resident in aerospace medicine at the Ohio State University, enabling him to become a board-certified specialist in aerospace medicine. Thereafter, he held key positions in aviation and preventive medicine in Continental Airlines, Transport Canada, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Eventually, Dr. Busby turned to his second career choice, theology, receiving an M.Div. from the Chicago Theological Seminary and serving in several churches as an intentional interim (transitional) minister. Meanwhile, he advanced his theological education, receiving a D.Min. and a Ph.D. (in theological studies) from the Graduate Theological Foundation. Dr. Busby has had a life-long interest in spiritual healing, which for the past 17 years has included a personal study of the work of John of God in spiritual healing. Currently, he preaches, lectures, and writes about and provides support for spiritual healing. He and his wife, Christina R. Dougherty, an energy medicine practitioner, live in Valparaiso, Indiana.

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In this fascinating book, Rev. Dr. Douglas E. Busby

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