Life Has Other Plans

(Where The Road Goes Series Book 2)

In the sixties, Emma Parker leads a double life.

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Book Summary

Life Has Other Plans

In the sixties, Emma Parker leads a double life. Behind her seemingly mundane existence as an architect and mother to her nephew, she inhabits a world of dangerous snipers and secret agents.

Ninon works for a covert organization and travels around the world chasing criminals. She loves the adventurous nature of her career, and she doesn´t want things to change. The thought of giving it all up to marry and have a passel of kids gives her hives. But when her former lover disappears during a secret mission, she begins to question her goals and her feelings for him.

In an underworld full of psychotic government officials performing dark experiments, she will have to use all her abilities to survive and discover who she really is, and maybe find a way back to love.

What readers say about the book🧐

I was so elated to receive Book 2 as a Mom's Day gift because I loved Book one so much!Another fantastic page-turner of "Life Has Other Plans" book two from my favorite romance novelist, Adriana Gavazzoni. With a little different mix of cross-genes thrilling suspense, gripping mystery, international crimes, kidnapping, and espionage, the plot and storyline are unique and exciting.This one has some slight humorous moments between Frederick and Ninon, but oh, the romance! It is all here in its twisty ways. The author has flawlessly weaved into this story of the history of World War ll, the turmoil, and suffering when it was supposed to be simpler times in the 50s and 60s, but not so when the Nazi occupation raged.She scores high with writing many well-developed vibrant characters that make the storyline feel believable and real. I truly enjoyed reading the second edition of this series.I highly recommend it to all suspense readers...

Cathy Lyon An Avid Reader and Reviewer

(Amazon Review)
About the Author

A. Gavazzoni

A. Gavazzoni is a Brazillian Multi-Award-Winning Novelist of five published literary works within two novel series titled, ‘Hidden Motives’ and ‘Where The Road Goes.’

Adriana has become a critically acclaimed popular steamy romance fiction writer of light erotic with cross-genres of steamy murder mystery suspense, historical romantic thrillers, coming-of-age, and women’s gripping crime fiction. Adriana’s break-out debut of “Behind The Door” book one of the “Hidden Motives” series firmly placed her on the literary map nationally and internationally. All her novels are available on Amazon Books, Amazon Kindle, and Kindles available within Kindle Unlimited. All her novels are featured on online literary book sites, Book Stores, and literary magazines.

Born and raised in Brazil, she is of full Italian lineage. By day she is a Brazillian lawyer, former professor of law, and also writes legal books. She speaks four languages: English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. When she is not practicing law or writing her next novel, she enjoys many interests as a very active person and is an avid reader.

Adriana loves to dance, especially the (Tango), she enjoys cooking and enjoys good food and good wine. She believes in exercising along with living a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys traveling and visits New York often, but her “Happy Place” is always spending time with her big happy family and her pets as a passionate animal lover. Adriana continues to work and reside in Brazil.

Visit her blog for updates and new releases at http://www.agavazzoni.com/

***Novel Awards & Achievements For A. Gavazzoni****

“Where The Road Goes Novel Series” Book One – Sketches of Life – Gold Pinnacle Book Achievement Award – Honorable Mention-Los Angeles Book Festival 2021 – Finalist – Book Excellence Awards

Book Two – Life Has Other Plans – Gold Pinnacle Book Achievement Award – Book Excellence Award – Finalist – Eric-Hoffer Award – NIEA – National Indie Book Award – Honorable Mentions – Hollywood Book Festival 2022 & Paris Book Festival 2022 –

All Novels Awarded 5-Star Reader’s Favorite Editorial Book Reviews.

Multiply Awards Won For All Three Novels In The “Hidden Motives” Series…

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In the sixties, Emma Parker leads a double life.

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