Keeper of the Algorithm

(The Keeper Saga Book 1)

Once a misfit dropout, Mike now controls the fate of man versus machine

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Keeper of the Algorithm

Once a misfit dropout, Mike now controls the fate of man versus machine

In a world where the boundaries between man and machine blur, your thoughts, emotions, and yearnings are no longer private. The confluence of biotech and infotech has given birth to the Algorithm—a force that predicts your every move and has the power to shape your deepest desire.

As technology’s grip tightens, a haunting question emerges: Does anyone hold the reins of the omnipotent Algorithm?

Enter an unlikely hero—an aimless dropout who unwittingly finds himself at the nexus of power. Tall and lean, Mike has deep-set hazel eyes that often reflect his internal conflicts and dilemmas. His past is riddled with disappointment and insecurity.

Assuming another student’s ID in a crowded exam room, Mike’s journey takes an unexpected turn when a stern figure declares, “I am Jacob Winters. Welcome to the AI career placement test. Today, we will discover which of you represents the pinnacle of human genius.”

Delve into Keeper of the Algorithm to discover a future where destiny is written in code and domination is the ultimate prize.

For AI enthusiasts!

What readers say about the book🧐

Keeper of the Algorithm paints a chilling but believable vision of a world increasingly controlled by AI. The Algorithm is able to anticipate people's thoughts and actions, rendering notions of privacy and free will obsolete.Mike is a relatable underdog protagonist. Despite his self-doubt and lack of direction, he displays courage and resourcefulness when thrust into a position of influence over the Algorithm. His internal conflicts about using his newfound power responsibility give the story depth. The stakes feel high with Mike and his allies racing to stay one step ahead of a foreign nation's Algorithm which poses a nuclear threat.With its brisk pacing and high-tech subject matter, Keeper of the Algorithm will appeal most to serious AI enthusiasts. The technical descriptions and specialized vocabulary are integral to the futuristic atmosphere.

V. G.

(Amazon Review)
About the Author

H. Peter Alesso

I love words, but that wasn’t always true. I grew up with a talent for numbers, leading me to follow a different path. I went to Annapolis and MIT and became a nuclear physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Only after I retired was my desire to tell stories reawakened.

In recent years, I have immersed myself in the world of words, drawing on my scientific knowledge and personal experience to shape my writing.

As a scientist, I explored physics and technology, which enabled me to create informative and insightful books, sharing my knowledge with readers who sought to expand their understanding in these areas—contributing to their intellectual growth while satisfying my own passion.

But it was my time as a naval officer that ignited my imagination and propelled me into science fiction. After graduating from the United States Naval Academy and serving on nuclear submarines during both hot and cold wars, I witnessed firsthand the complexities and challenges of military operations that seamen face daily.

This allowed me a unique perspective, which I channeled into creating Henry Gallant and a 22nd-century world where a space officer fought against invading aliens. Through this narrative, I explored the depths of human resilience, the mysteries of space, and the intricacies of military conflict.

My stories let me share the highlights of my journey with you. I hope you enjoy the ride. (www.hpeteralesso.com)

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Once a misfit dropout, Mike now controls the fate of man versus machine

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