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He has always had an eye for the ladies and being married with children hasn’t stopped that.

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Instagram Killer

He has always had an eye for the ladies and being married with children hasn’t stopped that. So when beautiful women message him on social media, he is elated.
However, when he arranges to meet one that he thinks he’s fallen in love with, his anger gets the better of him when she demands money from him, and looks very different from the pictures and videos she had sent in her messages.
Realizing he’d been fooled, he vows to just play along with all the other women who contact him, who mostly want money or to steal his identity or bank account. Some though want to hook up for sex, for a fee of course, although they profess to be looking for a long term relationship.
If they arrive at the motel with a friend in tow, he will pay for the sex, but if they show up alone then their future is very precarious. He knows how to avoid detection and is very careful. With no leads or DNA to work with, the Police are happy for the FBI to take over.
Social media is so good for keeping in touch with friends and family, and also to promote yourself or your business.It has its pitfalls though with those who want to steal your identity, or your money. They use many ruses to get you to send them money, such as surgery or medical costs, or having no food. They will try to sell you pictures or videos, not always of themselves although they will swear they are.
Going to meet a stranger though is very dangerous, as these women are going to find out.

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This book was an interesting read about the trolls on Instagram buying sex from women willing to do anything for money or gift cards. These women practically give away sex and the men trolls take it. Be careful on social media.

sandy d

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About the Author

Peter C. Bradbury

Although I have always loved to read, it wasn’t until numerous people asked me to write about my experiences in private homes, that I began my author journey. I was a traditional English butler, from near Manchester, England. I have lived in the USA since 1994, currently living in Shasta Lake, CA., but also ten years in Dallas, Texas.

Working for very rich people is eye opening. You find that they can be very extravagant, but also very thrifty. They’ll happily buy the most expensive wines and food, but then complain about you bringing in an extra dishwasher at minimum wage.

I turned some of my experiences in one home into a murder mystery. It is called Stonebridge Manor, based in an English mansion, and details all the politics that go on between the staff and the people they work for. It’s a really fun book, and a true mystery.

My newest book is called, ‘Instagram Killer.’

Many women on social media offer themselves sexually to strangers they meet there. This is very dangerous, and could be fatal if they are not careful. Most of the messages people receive are requests for money, or gift cards, or personal details, but others offer to hook up. If they demand money up-front, for travel expenses, then the chances are they will not meet you. However, if they will meet you before any money is handed over, then they are playing with fire. Most of them don’t understand this. It’s quite an eye opener.

My seventh book was called, “A Killing in Rio Vista’, a small town murder mystery with a female police officer tasked with finding the killer. Although the novel is a stand alone book, some of the characters were introduced in my sixth book, ‘Stone Dead in Rio Vista.’

Rio Vista sits on the Sacramento River, and I work there in the golf club as a server. As many of the members have purchased and enjoyed my previous novels, many of them asked me to include them as characters in books. I did, combined some of them, added new characters, and put them together in ‘Stone Dead.’

The story revolves around the country club in Rio Vista, which becomes the scene of a murder. This rattles the community of over-55’s, as they’re only used to their fellow members dying of natural causes. When another golfer gets killed, their anxiety only gets worse.

The killer is very careful and clever, and with no apparent motive to go on, the police officer in charge struggles to find any evidence.

This is a really fun book that will hook you in on the first page.

I like books that grab my attention and then hold it. I dislike books that get too technical and explain in great detail how something works. It makes me flip pages. I don’t do that, I keep your attention on the story and make it very entertaining.

My last novel was called ‘Burnt.’

This tells the story of Tiffany, an 11 yr. old girl without a care in the world. Until her younger brother gets kidnapped. After finally waking up from an induced coma, Tiffany has horrific memories and is in excruciating pain. The only thing that drives her on is seeking justice for herself and her family.

I have also written “Prospects”, which was inspired by the vast amounts of missing people there are. Thousands go missing every year. Men, women, children, old and young, some intentionally, some not. In the book, Alex targets young professional beautiful women, who are single and new to the city. As Alex is rich, very intelligent and extremely good looking, he has no problem in attracting the women, but he looks on them as prospects. Prospects to kill eventually, if everything goes smoothly. If he doesn’t have the stomach to do it, his brother certainly does.

There is also “Consequences,” which is about a man who is trying to expel his demons from years of being a victim to bullies. This novel was inspired by one of my grandsons, Bryce, who was in school in Florida and his life was being made hellish by cowardly bullies. Although I wouldn’t advocate the way James deals with his former bullies, it is true that if you pick on the wrong person, then there may eventually be “Consequences.”

My fourth book is “The Innocent Children” which in some ways was a follow on to “Prospects.” Researching the number of missing people in the USA, it is a fact that of those who are trafficked, around 80% of them are forced into being slaves to sexual predators. Young boys and mainly girls with an average age of 11 are the favored targets, either home grown or smuggled into the country. This book, which I wrote as a novel, focuses on the children involved in human trafficking, here in the USA.

Getting older, losing my credit, and being more of an old fashioned butler, has meant that it has been very difficult to find work in recent years, so I happily type away on my laptop, making my books very readable and entertaining. I have also returned to the restaurant trade.

A big soccer and golf fan, I also enjoy other sports, but my schedule still revolves around my team’s kick off time back in old blighty.

You can learn a lot more about me at:



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He has always had an eye for the ladies and being married with children hasn’t stopped that.

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