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A Step-by-Step Guide to Transform Student Potential Through Building Intentional Relationships

Teachers and coaches get frustrated when their students don’t perform at their best.

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I Notice

Teachers and coaches get frustrated when their students don’t perform at their best. “How many times have I told you?” “You are lazy!” These phrases don’t help students improve their performance; they don’t ease the teacher’s frustration either. Instead, they create a distance between the teacher and their students. Rather than blame others when we cannot control a situation, we should focus on learning how to manage it by noticing ourselves. To be aware of our inner experiences (emotions and thoughts) helps us to connect to ourselves and to control our impulses. That is when we can intentionally establish relationships with our learners. In I Notice, you will find:oClaire Hallinan’s 6-Step Method that shifts your thinking patterns by using “I notice” statements,oHow non-judgmental observations will consequently increase the students’ desire to connect with their teacher, oHow to monitor your progress using the provided worksheets, andoSmall and simple daily routines that transform your relationships with youth.I Notice equips readers with the key to uncovering the relationship with young learners that has been stuck at a certain level. With intentional relationships, students will perform beyond their perceived abilities. I Notice teaches you how to be aware of present moments.I Notice enhances your communication pathways with students in addition to your already existing good intentions. When the communication pathway is mindfully established between the teacher and students, young learners will soar to success.Read this book and unlock the benefit of intentional relationships!

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We all have been in situations where we’ve asked someone to do something for us, whether that’s a student, a child, a colleague, a friend, and they don’t do it the way we expected. We feel disappointed, and probably frustrated. How we handle that problem can affect the state of the relationship. Often without meaning to, we leave the other person feeling attacked. Naturally, they become defensive. In I Notice, Claire teaches us how to talk with others in a way that leaves them feeling honored and respected, but at the same time addresses the issues and promotes change. You will learn how to observe behavior without adding in judgment. The book is written to teachers, however these principles apply to pretty much every relationship. She walks the reader through, using a step-by-step, one week at a time learning method to changing the way you interact with the students and other people in your life. If you feel like you sometimes react to situations more harshly than you should have or others in your life just don’t seem to understand your expectations, this book is a gentle way to help your change your communication style.

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About the Author

Claire E. Hallinan

Claire E. Hallinan, MAEd, was born in Japan and currently lives with her family in Washington. Claire has a passion for making sense of the world, building relationships, and inspiring people to find happiness in themselves. She is a writer, an entrepreneur, a Mindful Schools Certified Mindfulness Instructor, and a National Board Certified Teacher. Claire’s books include her memoir, Gift of Gratitude: Lessons from the Classroom, and relationship-building book, I Notice: Step-by-Step Guide to Transform Student Potential Through Building Intentional Relationships. Claire also co-authored with her daughter The Championslip: A Young Gymnast’s Guide to Become a Fearless Champion on Her Own Terms. Her first children’s book, My Breath Loves Me, is an award-winning finalist in the Children’s Mind/Body/Spirit category of the 2019 International Book Awards and has been translated in Japanese.

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Teachers and coaches get frustrated when their students don’t perform at their best.

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