Her Final Truth

A thrilling whodunnit murder mystery (Meg Dawson murder mysteries Book 3)

A collection of bones. A cold case. A ruthless killer.

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Book Summary

Her Final Truth

A collection of bones. A cold case. A ruthless killer.

When the body of Meg’s best friend Noah Parker is discovered, Meg begs police to reopen the case and her editor to greenlight a series. But just as Meg begins to make headway, the body of a beloved activist washes ashore on nearby Spencer Island. As Meg digs into the drowning, a disturbing set of circumstances about the woman and the truth she may have been protecting casts the crime in a new light. One the local police seem determined to stonewall.


When a key witness vanishes and more bodies are found, the case spirals into a race against time, with Meg taking increasingly risky moves to solve it. As the mystery’s layers peel back, Meg discovers a shocking clue linked to Noah’s disappearance. Could the cases be related? And can Meg solve them before the killer silences the truth forever?

Fans of female protagonist murder mysteries with unforgettable characters will devour Her Final Truth.

Continue the addictive Meg Dawson crime series with this nail-biting mystery today!

What readers say about the book🧐

I have always liked Amy Waeschle’s writing and each book she put out gets stronger with more twists and turns. Her Final Truth is well worth your reading time. Bones have been discovered that tie back to Meg’s best friend Noah from his disappearance 10 years prior. In addition to this huge happening Meg who is an investigative journalist is charged with writing about the suspicious death of Allison who has given the last 20 years of her life running a shelter for abused women and their children. The Chief of Police may be involved, but he is not the only murder candidate There are many high tension moments throughout the book. If you love a good mystery you will not be disappointed and Meg Dawson will become a favorite of yours.


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About the Author

Amy Waeschle

AMY WAESCHLE is the author of the #1 Bestselling Cassidy Kincaid Mysteries, the Meg Dawson murder mysteries, and the two stand-alone novels Feeding the Fire and Going Over the Falls.

When not writing, Amy likes to run mountain trails, surf, bake bread, and of course, read. She loves to travel and has lived in Sicily, Sun Valley, the Alaskan bush, and the back of her pickup truck. She lives with her husband and two daughters in the Pacific Northwest.

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A collection of bones. A cold case. A ruthless killer.

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