Retribution for his attack on Dalton Hunter placed Hart Wilson in a coma.


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Retribution for his attack on Dalton Hunter placed
Hart Wilson in a coma. He has just awakened. Hart’s
and Dalton’s families react with varying degrees of anger
toward Dalton’s in-laws. Garrett and Francesca Snow
were convinced that the only way to end Hart’s
repeated attacks were to target him. The one person
whose reaction is the most surprising and violent is
Hope Wilson. She spent the better part of her life trying
to rein in Hart’s bad impulses. Her suffering as he lay in
the ICU was devastating.

Holiday celebrations give Hart a new perspective on his
past behavior. Christmas offers the chance to recover
while working to help Hope give up thoughts of revenge.
New Year’s Resolutions seem like the perfect place to
begin making amends. The Hunter clan share their own
promises. There is a feeling that better times are ahead.

Hope has plans besides revenge. She is planning her wedding
with help from best friend Courtney. Hope’s son Beau has
decided to give up on being a magician and has chosen
to work in the financial realm with his very successful uncle
Hart. Hart’s daughter Lizzie is considering options for her
future in fashion design or oil painting. Dalton’s son Josh
is making strides as a musician and daughter Bailey is
finishing school while trying to decide what will come next.

Romance is everywhere. The young people begin to explore
friendship and love. Not to be outdone, Tony Choice,
Hart’s longtime friend is looking at a possible rekindling
of love with his ex-wife Dacia. While everyone is working to
build their lives, Hope’s anger is drawing all of them into
a spiral with the power of a gravitational pull.

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About the Author

Paul Steinberg

Hurry Moon was my first published work. I have followed up with a sequel: A Trace Of Echoes. The paperback and Kindle versions are available now on Amazon.

Back in high school, I spent my senior year trying to decide between my interests in art, music and writing. I had some talent in each, but had to try to decide what might give me the best chance of making a living from my creative pursuits. In college, I added theatre to my list of artistic channels. In the end I chose painting because at that time, I felt that it gave me the best chance to succeed since I would have more control of the product in terms of finding customers and selling to them directly. I spent the next several years having some success as a painter. I won some awards and did some work that others have found enjoyable enough to want to purchase. My painting has given me great satisfaction, but I missed the other forms of expression.

Several years ago, I had an idea for a romantic story where the main character has a lifelong relationship with a girl in his dreams. I created a screenplay as writing the dialogue was the most comfortable part of the process then. The screenplay took a year to write. It took me an additional 3 years to convert the screenplay to the novel Hurry Moon. With the technology now available, I am no longer dependent on others to determine my worth as a writer. I will leave that determination in the hands of those who find the story appealing.

I have put everything I have into these novels, and I hope you find them each a pleasant read. Just to keep you interested, there is another sequel on the way. Blossom Dawn will start from the very point where A Trace Of Echoes stops and I am hoping it will be available early in 2016

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Retribution for his attack on Dalton Hunter placed Hart Wilson in a coma.

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