Gunny Mac Private Detective

Trouble in Chinatown

“A unique heist set in Hawaii during World War ll”– Thriller magazine Interview

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Gunny Mac Private Detective

“A unique heist set in Hawaii during World War ll”– Thriller magazine Interview

If you liked the movie “Casablanca” or the “Best Years of Our Lives,” you will fall in love with this book!

It is 1942, four badly wounded medically discharged veterans fight one last battle for their friends and country in the steamy streets of Chinatown, Hawaii!

President Roosevelt orders all the money in Hawaii collected, destroyed, and replaced by money with Hawaii written across the back of each bill. Funny money that the Japs can’t use if they invade the Hawaiian Islands, if Guadalcanal falls.

Millions of dollars collected and some of the money is about to be taken by anybody who is somebody.

LT. Commander Kincaid, a drunk, thief, and gambler is in charge of destroying the money, has his own plans on what to do with some of the money.

But one man is standing in his way. A bayoneted, shot up Navy Cross winner, hero of Bloody Ridge…a man who hates what he is forced to become…a civilian. Awaiting a medical discharge, Gunny Mac is lost without his Marine Corps. He buys a two- dollar book on how to be a private eye…and Chinatown will never be the same.

But sometimes you have to throw the book away…

But he’s not alone. His fellow wounded Marines, at the naval hospital, now out of the fight, have lots of fight left in them.

Mac’s best friend, Gunny Wojohowitz, needs Mac to help him track down the one man he needs to kill…

Padre McCaffery, a fighting, whiskey-drinking, cigar smoking Jesuit priest, winner of the Navy Cross recruits Marines in the psych unit to ensure Mac stays safe with hilarious results…

LT. Burke a Naval officer…a wealthy, spoiled Harvard graduate who is sent to the Marines as an Artillery Forward Observer as punishment, seeks forgiveness and redemption and drags Mac deeper into the corruption of Chinatown.

They shed their blood and their human psyche, but they face one more battle for their country, and for their friends. One last battle…one last victory!

What readers say about the book🧐

Review for Amazon Gunnery Sergeant Mac led the first machine squad team to thwart the Japs on Edison’s Ridge at Guadalcanal, Solomon islands in 1942 Mac survived the battle and spent weeks at Hawaii’s Naval hospital from serious injuries. During recovery, he tosses staying active or retiring. He always liked military challenges, but civilian life seemed promising, too. The story unfolds into Mac becoming a detective, private eye. Graft and social matters developed among the military on the island. It was a good choice because a new challenge awaited him. Gentleman Jack became the thorn in his butt. The gangster fabricated a friendly personality that got him illegally rich. He also wanted a piece of the million-plus dollars scheduled for burning; the government was not going to let the Japs get the cash. It was an exchange for fake money. But, getting there was a problem. It was a seven-figure catastrophe. Readers will identify with the story. The author takes a historical event and parallels it with similar contemporary military events. It is a novel for active duty, veterans. and civilians. I know because I’ve been there and done that. The author, Steve Walker, used twenty-three years in the military to write a true-to-life novel.

Karl Braungart

(Amazon Review)
About the Author

Mr. Steven Walker

I served as an Infantry Officer during two decades and traveled to many exciting places and some not so exciting.

After my military tours I became a business owner and High School teacher and Head Baseball coach.

I just finished my first novel in ebook and paperback editions with the audiobook coming out next month.

I live in central Ohio on five acres with my beautiful wife and two Borders collies smarter than me, Mollie and Beauregard Pierre Townsend Walker. I garden, mow my acres, walk, run, and shoot my weapons when ever possible.

Ebook: http://books2read.com/u/brqZ7e

My author website: http://www.stevengwalker.com

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“A unique heist set in Hawaii during World War ll”– Thriller magazine Interview

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