Grandpa's Dear Old Girl

Millie’s grandpa Big Frank is the Lighthouse Keeper and from it he can see everything.

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Grandpa's Dear Old Girl

Millie’s grandpa Big Frank is the Lighthouse Keeper and from it he can see everything. When Jack-o-the-Lamp comes to the island to automate the light, Millie is very worried.

What will her grandpa do now without the tall round tower he calls his dear old girl?

A big storm is brewing but when Big Frank and Millie try to warn them, the fishermen take no notice. But they need Big Frank’s help when the storm sweeps in, and he in turn needs Millie’s when the lighthouse lamp goes out.

A children’s chapter book in a bigger new format with atmospheric black and white illustrations.

What readers say about the book🧐

i bought this as a gift, it has ink illustrations throughout, gorgeous cover illustration and an exciting read. If you like the sea and coastline, lighthouses and fisherman, with a heartfelt Grandpa and Granddaughter storyline taking you on an emotional journey, then this is for you. Great chapter book and should be in every library.


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About the Author

Felicity Fair Thompson

Born in Australia, Felicity Fair Thompson grew up near Sydney Harbour bridge. In England she started out as a dancer, then worked for several years as Senior Assistant Manager at the home of the Royal Film Performance, the Odeon Leicester Square. Now she is a writer and film maker. Her documentary Carisbrooke Castle was broadcast on SKY TV. Three of her other fourteen independently made travel films were shown on Australian television. She has taught Creative Writing for Screen South, Connexions, Isle of Wight Council, Isle of Wight College, and alongside Sir Andrew Motion for the Bi-centenary celebrations for Alfred, Lord Tennyson, as well as guiding young writers with learning difficulties, and teaching independently. Her published work includes children’s stories, theatre reviews, personality profiles, award winning poetry, travel features, and three novels: Cutting In was one of three top finalists in the People’s Book Prize 2014. The Kid on Slapton Beach received rave reviews. Hold Tight is her latest novel. Exit the King, performed at the 2017 Ventnor Isle of Wight Fringe Festival, and in January 2018 at Carisbrooke Castle, was her first stage play.

Later in 2018 Felicity co-wrote two new stage plays: Voices over Passchendaele performed at Northwood House on the Isle of Wight over the November Armistice weekend, about the first use of ground to air wireless in the aeroplanes over the battlefield and marking 100 years since the end of WWI and The Power Behind the Microphone about the beginnings of radio in Chelmsford, and Marconi, features the moment in 1920 when the opera star Dame Nellie Melba sang on the wireless, the first world-wide radio broadcast ever. The play was due to mark that centenary and be performed at the Civic Theatre in Chelmsford, but from it instead came a short, streamed presentation of the main scene with Anna Steiger as Melba, to mark the moment on 15th June 2020.

Felicity’s novel Cutting In was re-published February 2021. Felicity’s new children’s book Grandpa’s Dear Old Girl, with illustrations by the artist Carolyn Pavey, was published in September 2021 by Beachy Books.

Felicity’s screenplay Cat’s Cradle won the Bronze prize in Film Expo South Short Film Scriptwriting Competition 2022, a finalist in Multi Dimension IFF in June 2023 and semi-finalist in Elegant IFF July 2023. Her script On That Beach adapted from her novel The Kid on Slapton Beach was semi-finalist in the Miami Screenplay Awards May 2023, and the Exceptional Achievment Award winner in the MDIFF June 2023. Her screenplay Making News was an Award Winner in MDIFF July 2023 and Best Feature Script Award Winner in Indobali IFF June 2023.

The Lights of Leicester Square – The Golden Years of Cinema Felicity’s memoir about her years working in the Odeon and Leicester Square Theatres. Felicity was the first woman in Rank’s West End Cinema Front of House management, surrounded by huge crowds of cinema enthusiasts, press and media buzz, and all the Royal family. Movie stars, the rich and famous – and big business, very big business! This glossy hardback has over 150 fabulous photographs and a Foreword by Michael Grade.

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Millie’s grandpa Big Frank is the Lighthouse Keeper and from it he can see everything.

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