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Fierce Heart

A Boss/Employee Cowboy Romance (Ranch Legacy Series Book 1)

People come and go. Life happens.

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Fierce Heart

People come and go. Life happens.

I’d learned this at an early age when my parents parted ways and even before that when they showed me I was the least of their priorities. With a new job on the Belford Ranch, I had made up my mind not to cross any lines.
That resolution was made before I set eyes on the heiress to the ranch, Bianca Belford. She was the very definition of temptation, from her clear milky skin to her rounded hips and the way she carried herself like a goddess, and it wasn’t long before thoughts of her started plaguing my mind.
Now I’m caught between holding to my commitment and testing the waters with this feisty woman.
Will wanting this heiress be a blessing or the curse that ends my career as a ranch manager?

A series that will leave you breathless with its heated plot, emotional depth, and sizzling passion. Enjoy!

What readers say about the book🧐

Don't faint Ella, I actually had to buy this book! Couldn't miss the first book in your new series! Well crafted as we've come to expect but I'm not sure who I'm batting for, the hero has the edge but things might change in book 2. The heroine's a bit snarky but it may be auto pilot defensive given her father's recent decision to employ the hero & she's conflicted about how she really feels about him. Looking forward to continuing the series.

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About the Author

Ella Cooper

Ella Cooper’s romances are a thrilling ride, short and steamy, yet deeply suspenseful with layers of mystery and surprising twists. Always leading her readers to a deeply satisfying happily ever after, an eternal promise.

Her stories are all about irresistible, super-hot, dominant and protective Cowboys.

Stay on your toes, because you might find yourself changing your wet panties quite a few times!

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People come and go. Life happens.

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