Death on a Dime

(The Southside Hooker Series Book 1)

Spring in the South Bay Area was rapidly becoming T-shirt under the leather jacket weather.

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Death on a Dime

Spring in the South Bay Area was rapidly becoming T-shirt under the leather jacket weather. Hooker’s favorite time of the year. The police had long turned a blind eye to his “rapid response time,” and the waitress at his favorite midnight eatery was warming up to him. Life was great. Until a serial killer starts killing cops. As everyone searches for answers, the situation has San Jose paralyzed. Only Hooker and his “family” have their ears close enough to the murmur that can speak to the evil walking the streets taking the city and county’s finest. But when it becomes personal, can Hooker find the killer before the killer finds him?

What readers say about the book🧐

This story grabbed my attention from the start. For one, it is set in my stomping. grounds. It is also set in the days when I ran amok in these streets. I can't say enough about this book without giving away the story so I will do it this way. This two truck driver stabs a teenager in the hand with a fork for trying to steal a dollar. Now the driver has to take care of the kid until he heals. But, who is taking care of who? This young man is one quick learner and the two soon become inseparable. There is also some nut running loose in the streets of San Jose killing cops. From the hills of the South Bay to the long stretches of the vast freeway system, these two and down through the surface streets, these two are becoming the saviors of the traffic nightmare known as rush hour. They work more hours in a day than they should as their masters send them everywhere. Whom will become the hero? I'm not telling ass you will have to read for yourself. This is a gripping story of a kid and his mentor coming to grips with reality. An action packed novel that tells it like it is. Straight to the point. Thank you Baer Charlton for producing such a fine literary work on my hometown. I would have given this book ten stars if I were able too. A fine read worth more than what you will pay for it. Enjoy, I certainly did.

J Michael Harper

(Amazon Review)
About the Author

Baer Charlton

Bestselling, award-winning author, Baer Charlton holds a degree in Social-Anthropology from the University of California at Irvine. His many interests have led him around the world in search of the different and unique.


As an internationally recognized photojournalist, he tracked mountain gorillas, was a podium for a Barbary Ape, communicated in sign language with an Orangutan named Boolon, kissed a kangaroo, and many other wild experiences in between–or he was just monkeying around.


There are no more complex and wonderful stories than ones coming from human experience. Mr. Charlton’s stories are all driven by the characters you come to think of as friends, if not family.

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Spring in the South Bay Area was rapidly becoming T-shirt under the leather jacket weather.

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