Corrupted by a Billionaire

A Steamy Bad Girl Romance (LOVECHILDE SAGA Book 4)

Corrupted by a Billionaire is the fourth book in Lovechilde Saga.

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Book Summary

Corrupted by a Billionaire

Manon’s entire upbringing has been focused on exploiting her beauty and curves to win her a ticket to a life of luxury. It’s this unbridled ambition that leads her dangerously close to an older billionaire whose heart is filled with corruption and dark intentions. Given Manon’s past indiscretions, he won’t let her go until he gets what he wants.

Manon does not want him… but she needs to keep playing the game because the prize she seeks is a six-foot-two buff personal trainer who takes her breath away.

She soon loses her heart to Drake, who’s not only smolderingly hot but like her, had a rough start in life. The problem is her past continues to haunt her… And it will take more than her seductive charms for Drake to trust Manon, who is still a work in progress.

But can Manon resist the temptation to rely solely on beauty and cunning to get what she wants? … She will have to… if she wishes to win the heart of the only man she can truly love.

Corrupted by a Billionaire is the fourth book in Lovechilde Saga and follows the steamy romance between a reformed bad boy and a bad girl-turned-heiress. Though it can be read as a standalone with a HEA, this penultimate installment of Lovechilde Saga features some surprising plot twists that set up a thrilling series finale.

What readers say about the book🧐

A really good series, with great ability to help us like the individuals within the story one more book to go .l can’t wait


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About the Author

J.J. Sorel

J. J. Sorel whiles away her day writing Steamy Romance novels. She loves conjuring up slightly damaged, seductive men who fall madly in love with smart, quirky women. When she’s not writing she spends her time daydreaming at the beach, reading, and finding any excuse not to write.

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Corrupted by a Billionaire is the fourth book in Lovechilde Saga.

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