Black Water, The China Connection

A bond of brothers thriller

Black Water, the China Connection- The action-packed sequel to Danger Close…

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Black Water, The China Connection

Black Water, the China Connection- The action-packed sequel to Danger Close…

It is five years since Delta Force stopped a deadly missile attack in the Middle East. Now team leader Jason Patrick is living a quieter life in North Carolina with his family, stationed at Fort Bragg.

But that is about to change when a new, even deadlier threat emerges from China. Its hostile president and top scientists have developed a way to plan of action. And, with operatives already in place, they are planning to carry out a massive attack on American soil.

So Jason and his special forces brothers – Tex, Jorge, Derek and a couple of new faces – are sent into the action once again. But this time they’re going to need all the teamwork they can get to defeat the world’s deadliest superpower, from the security services, law enforcement, and most of all from the community-spirited, patriotic people of small-town America…

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Reviewed by Frank Mutuma for Readers' Favorite Blackwater chaos was about to engulf America, and the town of Caldwell was about to become the center of something bigger than they ever imagined. Hank was employed in the water department and was a part-time plumber for his community. He notices two Chinese nationals who seem suspicious, something he shares with Officer Stanley. The Chinese president, Li Sanshu, is a very happy man after the presentation of Doctor Ming and his assistant, Chao. He is optimistic that the Black Water Project will be a success and bring America to its knees, but those among his closest advisors are concerned about the repercussions of such an act. Will Chin and Li be caught, and how do the different agencies come together to fight this threat? Get a copy of Black Water: The China Connection by Robert J Saniscalchi to find out. Black Water: The China Connection by Robert J Saniscalchi is a wonderfully written book. I loved the issues the book captured that affect society, such as immigration, our values and unity, and the thorny issue of meritocracy in public appointments. I also loved the appreciation shown for the law enforcement agencies. The steady narration and the flawless plotline kept me entertained and intrigued. Robert described events and emotions vividly, helping the reader create a mental picture of what was happening. The characters are also well-developed and relatable. The reader will also appreciate the easy-to-understand language the book uses, making it accessible to all readers. I cannot wait to read something else from this talented author.


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About the Author

Robert J. Saniscalchi

Welcome Everyone! Robert’s Award-Winning books are here, and thanks for stopping by for a peek. Robert has a passion for writing and stays motivated by the positive feedback and reviews about his stories. To date, Robert has been awarded Gold and Silver Awards from Literary Titan and 5-Star Awards from Readers’ Favorite for his excellence in writing. Some of his books are dedicated to our Veterans and to those who serve and protect our freedom today. All Sales of Robert’s books on Amazon-Smile help support the Chordoma Foundation, a Worthy Charity.

Robert enjoys reading, sports and the great outdoors, and truly believes, “It’s never too late to learn something new”

Robert is also an active member of a variety of online writing and reading communities to share and perhaps be of some help to others. he invites you to ask any questions you like and visit his Author’s Webpage at http://robsbooksandmore.com/

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Black Water, the China Connection- The action-packed sequel to Danger Close…

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