Beyond Witches' Woods

A Book of Fairy Secrets

After more than 40 years abroad, Alicia returns to Tennessee to lay her sister to rest.

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Beyond Witches' Woods

After more than 40 years abroad, Alicia returns to Tennessee to lay her sister to rest. After discovering Steffie’s secret journal, however, Alicia begins to question her sister’s mental state. Had long-suffering Steffie truly discovered fairies on their beloved family estate known as Anna’s Nest, or had she, in the grips of loneliness and despair, completely lost her hold on reality?

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I bought two of these beautiful hard cover books. The book is truly lovely and took me back to the days of wonder when my grandmother and Aunt Minnie introduced me to the illusive world of imagination and fairies. It was in the real world of Anna’s Nest that this occurred…so long ago, Denise is such a talented writer and the book’s young illustrators add a magic touch. My three great, great granddaughters have been visiting me, and they already know the book is “ special”; it is a family treasure!! Cynthia and Dayna Norris


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About the Author

Denise Camille Frye

Denise Camille Frye was the fourth of six children born to two loving parents in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Considered prime real estate today, rural Hamilton County where Denise grew up was irreverently called “the boondocks” back then. But it was there Denise developed a love for reading, writing and various crafting arts passed down from her mother. It was also there she retreated after the passing of her parents, longing for the same isolation she grew to hate as a teenager. And it was there at her childhood home that she drew much inspiration for her books and other writings.

Denise’s first novel, Into the Fog, was conceived and partially written on weekly sojourns to her childhood home. The Nestries, A Fairytale for All Ages was likewise inspired, and grew from enchanting stories told by her mother.

A woman of many interests, Denise enjoys working in her gardens; painting, but not houses; decorating, but only her own house; scrapbooking and other crafts; and running lines for a new play. Fulfilling a life-long dream, Denise took up acting in late 1999 and has been performing on various stages across the tri-state area ever since. (And, boy, are her arms tired!)

Denise has since moved to the suburbs where she lives with her husband, a big lazy hound (a separate entity), two black cats, and four “brilliant” koi fish. Just ask them, you’ll see.

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After more than 40 years abroad, Alicia returns to Tennessee to lay her sister to rest.

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