Bay of Angels

(Bay Mysteries Book 2)

Tangled Moon heeled slightly to the gentle northwest breeze.

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Bay of Angels

Tangled Moon heeled slightly to the gentle northwest breeze. A low patchy fog obscured smaller islands but taller peaks still poked above the mist. Chandler Gray sat on the bow, wearing a life vest and hanging on to the bow rail. He was five. His job was to watch for logs. Chan leaped to his feet and waved his arms. “A log! A big log!” he cried out. At the helm, Cindy spotted the log. It was more of a tree, with roots and branches. She didn’t change course since it was well off to starboard. As she was about to tell Chan it was okay, one of the branches waved. It was a pale human arm. Someone was clinging to the log. Cindy altered course toward it and called Sean up from below. Sean was on deck in seconds. Leaving Cindy at the helm, he went forward, scooped up Chan, and carried him back to the cockpit. As they approached the log, a small woman with long black hair streaming behind her was seen clinging on with her legs dangling in the water. She was naked in the frigid water of Caamaño Sound. Cindy let the sails fly to slow the approach. Sean ran below and came out with a big towel. As they came alongside, Sean reached out a hand to the woman. She said something in a language he didn’t understand. He grasped her hand, then leaned over and picked her up under the arms, lifting her aboard like a child.

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About the Author

Grahame Shannon

Best selling author Grahame Shannon walked around barefoot until he was five. Then his cruel parents dragged him to Canada from his native Grenada. He thought Montreal was cold and miserable until his family moved again, to Northern Alberta. At age nineteen, he had the good sense to relocate to Vancouver.

Over the years, he founded a yacht sales firm, two boat-building companies, and even pioneered 3D CAD systems for boat design. His portfolio of design includes many successful racing and cruising sailboats and powerboats.

Whether skinny-dipping in a remote hot spring or hiking a mountain trail, his zest for life and love is recorded in his stories.

Now he pens mystery novels inspired by his own adventures. Grahame still races his yacht Tangleberry and cruises the BC coast annually. He is married with two grown children, a lovely wife, and a horrible little dog.


He began writing fiction in 2009 while on a cruise to Australia through the islands of the South Pacific. Tiger and the Robot is his first novel.

Bay of Devils, Grahame’s second book was published in 2020. He is hard at work on Bay of Angels, next in the Bay Mysteries series.

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Tangled Moon heeled slightly to the gentle northwest breeze.

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