A Life, Well... Lived!

Someone once said, “Too soon old, too late smart,”

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A Life, Well... Lived!

Someone once said, “Too soon old, too late smart,” but what if you had the chance to live your entire life with the wisdom of age? Dana Gordon, through a series of unforeseen events, is going to get just that opportunity. Her life will be changed forever before she even lives it.

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I loved how easy it was to read, how quickly I engaged with the characters, and the skillful movement from past to present throughout the book. The author has great insight into the feminine mind. I look forward to reading her other books.

Connie J. Rieser

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About the Author

J. T. Fisher

Readers, especially women, will identify and resonate with Judy’s characters, and enjoy their challenges and successes as they navigate this maze we call life. A late bloomer and product of the Baby Boomer generation, Judy has finally been able to pursue her passion for writing with a purpose other than one for which she was assigned. Starting as an empty nester blogger, filling time that was previously spent tending to her husband and two children, she wrote and gained followers. In 2016, she decided to make an attempt at pure fiction, but on timely topics that appeal to today’s women.

Judy’s newest book, “Two Lost Souls” released in October of 2023, is an examination of her own miscarriages and infertility as well as helping her young adult children deal with the deaths of their best friends all wrapped up in a fictional storyline. “Backfired” is a study in unrequited love and her first venture into murder mystery.

Her first book was a “fictional” memoire, in “A Life, Well… Lived.” Her second novel, “Okay, So I Lied,” was all about following your own Bliss. “Voices from the Ledge,” her third book, is an an important book, dealing with many many of today’s social issues. It is a fictional study in suicidal ideation in middle aged women.

She is currently endeavoring into her first pseudo-fantasy, written in her popular ‘inner voice’ style.

Currently, Judy resides in Longwood, Florida with her husband and fur baby, Mitzi, where she writes as a consultant for web designers and continues writing for pleasure.

To learn more about Judy, look for her on the internet. She is more than happy to participate in live chat book clubs via Zoom or Skype. Check her out.

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Someone once said, “Too soon old, too late smart,”

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